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A Little About Talkin' Guns LLC

The staff at Talkin' Guns love firearms...plain and simple! Most of us have served in the U.S. Armed Forces from Military Police to Airborne Rangers! We seem to find ourselves talkin' guns (hence the name), shooting sports, hunting, reloading, or anything else related to firearms with friends and family on a day to day basis.  All of our staff is located in the great state of Montana! We're regular people with regular families. One thing that's remained constant for us is that we've always taken the time to enjoy firearms from hunting, to simply hitting the range with some friends! We created TalkinGuns.com in hopes that we could bring people like ourselves together in one spot for forums discussions, great deals on guns, and to just get excited about all things related to firearms!

We sincerely hope you enjoy!!!



TalkinGuns.com is a forums and firearms sales based website with a one of a kind rewards program!

The Talkin' Guns Forums give everyone an opportunity to share stories, knowledge, valuable information and insight on all things relating to firearms.  Talkinguns.com's online store offers great prices on 20,000+ products from firearms & accessories to gear & apparel!

What is unique about TalkinGuns.com, is our memberships and all the rewards we offer to our members!  Members receive percentage based discounts in our online store plus earn bonuses on nearly all purchases! The best part is members are eligible to participate in TalkinGuns.com's Raffle/Bonus rewards program! That's right, members have a chance to win firearms and related items in packages valued up to $3000 or more!  And unlike other firearm sites that offer raffles and giveaways to members, our members can actually choose which raffle/bonus items they'd like to enter, up to 5 unique items at any given time! In addition to that, where other sites offer  1, 2, 3, maybe 10 chances to win firearms throughout the year, TalkinGuns.com offers its members 5 active raffle/bonus items at ALL TIMES!!! That's right, 5 active items every day of the year....when one is complete and awarded to a member, another item will take its place instantly!!!



To become a member of TalkinGuns.com, simply purchase one of 5 unique memberships from the online store! Each membership has its own unique benefits pack, like larger discounts at checkout, more monthly raffle/bonus tokens, free shipping, or the Platinum Token! Once membership has been established members will receive an allotted amount of raffle/bonus tokens based on the membership they selected. The available raffle/bonus tokens can be seen by clicking on the "My Account" link located in the top right of every page and viewing the "Bonuses" tab.

 Then it's as simple as click on the "Rewards" tab located in the top menu bar of any page.  Here you will be able to view all of our active raffle/bonus items and a link to view past items that have been won by other members! So this is where those raffle/bonus tokens come in....while viewing the "Rewards" page, if you see an item you'd love to have, enter as many tokens as you'd like or enter tokens on as many items as you'd like! After all they're your tokens, use them however you wish! Members will be able to increase the chances on any active item or multiple items by continuing to submit their raffle/bonus tokens as long as the item has NOT reached its maximum amount of token entries.  An individual members chances to win any active item can be increased up to, but not more than 1:5 by placing multiple tokens into the active item or items they choose.  

Members will also receive exclusive discounts in our online store on all purchases over $200, earn additional raffle/bonus tokens on all purchases over $300, and FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $500!!! Platinum members receive free shipping on all orders regardless of the amount!

Each membership will automatically renew every 30 days at the selected membership level.  Members who choose to upgrade to gain larger discounts and more monthly raffle/bonus tokens can do so at any time.  Members will be able to opt out of the membership program at any time without penalty. Non-members will be granted access to view all areas of TalkinGuns.com and will be able to purchase any item available for sale from our online store at our everyday low prices.  Access to the rewards program at TalkinGuns.com for non-members will be limited to view only....participation in the membership rewards program will be reserved for members only.



Talkin' Guns LLC has committed to donating a portion of all proceeds from TalkinGuns.com to Hero's Project.

Heroes Project is a nonprofit organization (co-founded by SEAL Team 3 Chief Chris Kyle) that focuses its work on helping returning veterans
that struggle with P.T.S.D. through physical and mental fitness.