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Q: Is it legal to buy firearms online?

A: Yes, purchasing firearms online is 100% legal.


Q: What is required to purchase firearms online?

A: Most importantly, To know your local laws...and to know what items are legal to own in your state/county/city! Not sure? Click HERE, find your State and follow the link! Or for more specific answers call your local Police Dept. Once a buyer is sure of their laws then proceed with the steps below!

1. (Pre-Purchase) The buyer must find a Licensed Dealer and ask if they are willing to handle a transfer of an online firearms purchase. Click HERE to search for a dealer by zip code. Often dealers charge transfer fees to handle these types of transactions...most fees range from $15-40, this is normal. Fees based on the percentage of your purchase are often very excessive and in our opinion not the best option. Talkin' Guns often handles transfers like this locally in Billings MT...our fee is $15 on any item. It's important to find a dealer that is helpful, respectful and someone you feel comfortable working with!

2. (Purchase) Once a Licensed dealer agrees to handle the transfer then its time to purchase the item. Simply place the firearm(s) in your cart and proceed to our one page online checkout! ***Never pay the transferring dealer to purchase the firearm, they only receive the agreed upon fee at the time of transfer! The payment goes to the actual seller of the item!***

3. (Post Purchase) Once the item is paid for, have the transferring dealer email, fax or mail a clear & legible copy of their license to us for our records.  Once we receive a copy of the receiving FFL's license only then can we ship your new firearm. When the new firearm reaches the transferring dealer, make arrangements to pick it up. ***All FFL dealers are required by law to perform a background check on all transfers***


Q: Do we have all this inventory instock at our Billings, MT location?

A: No.  Although we do have inventory in stock and on hand every day, the inventory on Talkinguns.com is sold as a "Sub-distributor".  Inventory stocks are updated daily with items available at our largest distributor.



If any other question comes up that we haven't covered, please contact us using the Contact Us tab or give us a call @ 1-406-656-4888...we'd love to help you out!